Ready for Emergencies?

Are you prepared for emergencies?  Do you know what Oakland and Alameda County provide for both dealing with emergencies and responding to emergencies?  Check out our reference page on Emergency Preparedness and see what your options are.

Videos of Crimes

Do you have security cameras? Did your security cameras record a crime? What to do now?

The best way to get crime videos into the hands of the police is to call OPD's non-emergency number (510-777-3333), and ask for an officer to come out, take a report, and collect the video. The sooner you do this after the incident, the better; after a few days trails go cold. And they don't know you have these videos unless you tell them.

We got this advice from one of our Community Resource Officers.

The Race to An Emergency

KALW News has created an hour long video documentary on how 911 works, and doesn’t work, in Oakland.  I’ve been listening to audio excerpts the last couple of days on the radio station, and this is a fascinating account, well worth an hour of anybody’s time who is interested in the subject.  Here’s the link to the documentary on KALW’s site:

We've also posted a link to this documentary on our web page, Calling 911.

New Beat Email Addresses

Our PSOs have always been very willing to get email from citizens, and have given out their personal email addresses freely.  But what happens if a PSO is injured or ill, or on vacation, and someone else needs to manage his beat? 

To make this easier, OPD has created email addresses for each beat.  These mailboxes are shared among officers who may need to work on the problem at different times.  Here are the beat addresses for our PSOs:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emails sent from this site will copy the NCPC.