Real-Time Online Maps

Everyone wants to see what crime is happening in their neighborhood.  There is now one active online mapping sites for Oakland crime which can be reached in two ways:

The CRIMEWATCH site, maintained for OPD at CrimeView Community Incident Map.  This site can also be linked at, but if you link that way you'll have to specify that you're interested in Oakland.   As of 2013, OPD is officially working with CrimeMapping as their official mapping source.

The Oakland Crimespotting site, maintained by a nonprofit using OPD data, has been deleted.

No online crime mapping site is up to the minute with reported crimes, but is the current best source.

Quarterly Crime Maps by Beat

In January 2013 the Greater Rockridge NCPC began publishing quarterly Google maps of beats 12Y and 13X, using OPD's weekly crime reports:

Beat 12Y

12Y 1st Quarter 2013

12Y 2nd Quarter 2013

12Y 3rd Quarter 2013 (incomplete as of 10/23/13)

Beat 13X

13X 1st Quarter 2013,

13X 2nd Quarter 2013

13X 3rd Quarter 2013 (incomplete as of 10/23/13)

We plan to create new maps for each quarter.

Historical maps

As of 2008, the individual monthly crime maps listed below are no longer being maintained, but they are still available for historical comparison if you are interested.

November 2007
October 2007
September 2007
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March 2007
February 2007
January 2007
December 2006
November 2006
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