The monthly crime statistics for beats 12Y and 13X, covering November 2023 (revised 1/7/2024) and December 2023, are now available on, under Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2023-2024.   Here is the direct link to the page:  


Here are direct links to the reports:

November 2023 (revised):

December 2023:  

The differences between original and revised reports are getting smaller, maybe a dozen reports.  I’ll continue doing revised reports.  In particular, December (116 reports across both beats) looks very small against revised November (170 reports across both beats).   As usual, the largest number of crimes in both beats is auto-related property crimes (break-ins and thefts), followed by regular property crimes (burglaries etc.).

I am concerned about the low number of reports from Beat 13X – for 2023, since we got the numbers back, 12Y has reported between 105 and 159 crimes each month; 13X has never reported more than 37 in one month.  Especially, 13X has reported an average of 9 property crimes a month, and an average of 13 auto-related crimes each month.  I don’t know if people aren’t reporting property crimes, or if 13X is just so hard to get into and out of that the criminals stay in 12Y.