The monthly crime statistics for beats 12Y and 13X, covering September 2023 (revised 11/5/23) and October 2023, are now available on, under Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2023-2024.   Here is the direct link to the page:  


Here are direct links to the reports:

September 2023 (revised)

October 2023

The revised September numbers aren’t a whole lot larger than the original September numbers (downloaded in early October), but 23 crimes against the person in 12Y is the maximum monthly number we’ve seen for either beat in 2023.  40 property crimes in 12Y in September is also a monthly maximum for either beat for the year, but we saw it before in the revised August 12Y numbers.  Property crimes (auto) are, as usual, the largest number of crimes per month in either beat.  12Y had one unexplained death in both sets of September numbers.

The October numbers for both beats look low to me, but the numbers for beat 13X especially look very low – no crimes against the person (not that we want any!), 9 property crimes and 6 property crimes (auto) for a whole monthI don’t believe it.  And the October total for 12Y is the first one under 100 monthly incidents since we started getting data again in June 2023.  I’ll continue to do revised numbers for each month.