Ready for Emergencies?

Are you prepared for emergencies?  Do you know what Oakland and Alameda County provide for both dealing with emergencies and responding to emergencies?  Check out our reference page on Emergency Preparedness and see what your options are.

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Bird E-Scooter Safety Presentation

Those of you who attended the Greater Rockridge NCPC meeting on December 13 may remember that the representative from Bird had a Powerpoint presentation, which most of the audience couldn't read due to lighting issues and the fact that the text was very small.  In case anyone should be interested in what it actually said, we've posted a PDF of the presentation on our web site, and you can read it at the link below.

Bird - E-Scooter Safety

Suspicious Person Images

From time to time the NCPC is asked to share photos and videos of suspicious persons, taken by residents.  We will keep these items up for no more than 2 months at a time unless circumstances require a longer time.

Added 6/30/2014  Video of belligerent solicitor who has been seen in the upper part of beat 13X 

Oakland Crime Statistics 2007-2012

One of the major issues in Oakland is the lack of reliable historical statistics on crime, by district.  The online crime maps only go back a few months.  The NCPC has collected some historical statistics over they years (see our page Crime Maps), but we lack long term studies. 

The Oakland IT department has given Rik Belew, a programmer with (a part of the Code for America project), a historical run of crime statistics from 2007 to 2012.  Interested parties will find a discussion of his research on his personal site at  The drop-down menu with more links on crime statistics is CodeforAmerica_Oakland > OPD Crime Statistics.  He explains what data he has and where he got it.  

His page shows a plot showing relative frequency of different types of crime in Oakland as a whole (of limited use due to lack of displayed dates or times).  He has also done a series of analysis of crimes by Oakland police beat over the period 2007-2012.  This is much more interesting.  The entire set of beat data analyses is at this link.  There are also separate links for each beat; we're mainly interested in these:



Also interesting is his study of 

Crime Patterns Across Beats An analysis of Oakland Crime 2007-2012

OpenOakland, like other Code for America projects, is done by volunteers and volunteers are encouraged to participate. There was a CityCamp meeting on November 9 in which he wanted to network with NCPCs.  Due to other commitments I couldn't attend; but if you're interested in this project I encourage you to contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or leave a comment on one of his web pages.