Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs)

In partnership with the Oakland Police Department

want you to have a safe and fun...


H  A  L  L  O  W  E  E  N



Image  Report Street Light outage or flickering lights   510-615-5566

                                   Start a Home Alert/Neighborhood Watch            510-238-3091

                                   Anonymously report drug activity -  Hotline       510-238-DRUG




Below  Are  Some  Happy  Halloween  Safety  Tips

    • Plan the trick-or-treat route ahead of time.  Choose well-lighted streets.
    • Parents or older relatives should always accompany Trick-or-Treaters.
    • Walk with a flashlight so you and your children can be easily seen.
    • Use makeup instead of a mask, or instruct children to take off masks before crossing streets.
    • Cross at corners only, not between parked cars or mid-block.
    • If there are no sidewalks, walk in a single file facing traffic.
    • Remind children to NEVER, EVER enter a stranger's home.
    • Consider turning your PORCH LIGHT OUT BY 8 PM to discourage late night activity.  After 8 PM vandalism, destruction of property & harassment of younger children by older, bigger kids may occur.
    • Parents should check treats before kids eat anything – during and after their trick-or-treating.
  • OPD Emergency 9-1-1 (Crime in progress or about to happen) 
  • OPD Emergency from a Cell Phone – 510-777-3211OPD
  • Non Emergency – 510-777-3333, press 1, then 0



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