CORE training

Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE) organizes regular training courses in emergency first response, first aid, disaster preparedness, etc. Their official web site is at:

CORE training was paused for a time during the pandemic of 2020-2021 but has been restarted.  In 2021, Oakland adopted the 24 hours long national CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training and all CORE training now uses it.  Currently CORE is the umbrella program for the trainings and services offered by the Emergency Management Services Division (EMSD) to the public.


Alameda County Alert System

You should know about the Alameda County Alert System at

AC Alert is the Mass Notification System used by City and County agencies throughout
Alameda County to rapidly disseminate emergency alerts to people who live, work in, or visit
our County. AC Alert is capable of sending alerts by voice, text and email, as well as messaging
Nixle subscribers, posting to social media pages, and sending FEMA Wireless Alerts (WEA).

We encourage citizens to sign up for the alerts, including choosing the areas for which you'd like to receive alerts and which alerts you want to get.  FYI, the actual site you log into and register at is

You can also download the AC Prepared - Alameda County App at the iTunes or Google Play Store.

Evacuation Zones

Alameda County uses Evacuation Zones to notify people when an evacuation is necessary - you should know your Zone Number and keep it somewhere you can find it easily.  You can locate it by typing your address into the form at

Don't try to use "allow location" = type in your address.  The location identifier is not very accurate.


Updated 9 May 2023 by Karen Ivy