Safe Gun Storage Talk at June Meeting

At the June 2014 NCPC meeting, Paula Hawthorn spoke on the ASK program, from Asking Saves Kids, a program that encourages people to ask whether guns are stored safely in houses where their small children may go to play.  To see the entire presentation, click here.

Logitech Group Camera Discount Discontinued

Logitech has just told the NCPC that they're discontinuing parts of the neighborhood discount program they've offered for the last year or so.  I've taken down the PDF that explained the terms.  We're still trying to get exact details of what is and isn't now available. Here's what we know:

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Logitech Camera Discount Offer

The PDF below explains the basic details on the Logitech Alert DIY security camera system, which was demonstrated at the January 2012 NCPC meeting, plus how to participate in the group order for discounts which the NCPC is organizing.  Click on the link to read the document.

Rockridge Logitech Camera Discount Opportunity