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Police District Locator - just enter your address and see the police beat you are in.

Web resources

Area 2 - The official web site for OPD in North Oakland and the Hills (beats 8 - 14) - The official website for the city of
Oakland, CA. - OPD's online resource center for residents. - The new website for the Public Works department. - The Rockridge Community Planning Council website; look here for links to other local sites.
Alameda County District Attorney Victim/Witness Program - If you are a victim of crime, or a witness of a crime, this department exists to help you.


Yahoo! groups

Unfortunately, none of the Yahoo groups listed below still exists.  If you know where they've gone please let the NCPC know.

Colby Park Watch - for the residents of
Colby Park, bounded by Alcatraz/Telegraph/Hwy. 24/Claremont.
Locksley Avenue - exists to facilitate communications among residents of the
Locksley Avenue neighborhood.
OPD - formed by Lt. Green of OPD to foster more direct communication between concerned residents and the OPD.
Rockridge Community Online - intended to provide a platform for discussion of issues, ideas, and efforts that are of value to the Rockridge community and enhance the lifestyle of residents.


Greater Rockridge NCPC Email Groups

Late in 2019, Yahoo! announced its intention to reduce the utility of its Groups.  In response the NCPC moved our 2 email groups, below, to a new site called, which is run by members of the team that originally developed Yahoo Groups.  Some of the groups above are still on Yahoo; some may have moved to  If you were on either of the old Yahoo! groups you should have been moved to the new location.  We are no longer sending notices to the old Yahoo! groups, although they still exist.

Rockridge Neighborhood Watch Network - dedicated to reports of suspicious and criminal activity and other issues of public safety and welfare.

RockridgeNCPC - moderated group managed by Rockridge NCPC; postings restricted to reports of suspicious and criminal activity and safety notices from the NCPC steering committee.