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Web resources

Area 2 - The official web site for OPD in North Oakland and the Hills (beats 8 - 14) - The official website for the city of
Oakland, CA. - OPD's online resource center for residents. - The new website for the Public Works department. - The Rockridge Community Planning Council website; look here for links to other local sites.
Alameda County District Attorney Victim/Witness Program - If you are a victim of crime, or a witness of a crime, this department exists to help you.


Yahoo! groups
Colby Park Watch - for the residents of
Colby Park, bounded by Alcatraz/Telegraph/Hwy. 24/Claremont.
Locksley Avenue - exists to facilitate communications among residents of the
Locksley Avenue neighborhood.
OPD - formed by Lt. Green of OPD to foster more direct communication between concerned residents and the OPD.
Rockridge Community Online - intended to provide a platform for discussion of issues, ideas, and efforts that are of value to the Rockridge community and enhance the lifestyle of residents.
Rockridge Neighborhood Watch Network - dedicated to reports of suspicious and criminal activity and other issues of public safety and welfare.

RockridgeNCPC - moderated group managed by Rockridge NCPC; postings restricted to reports of suspicious and criminal activity and safety notices from the NCPC steering committee.